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Truth revealed,

Revelations last.

If truth shed light,

Shine upon past.

Brightened blur,

Unfamiliar shape,

Light shed upon,

Least path to take.

Known not to I,

This lighted path.

Lies lead future,

Blind led past.

Eyes wide shut,

Navigate darkness.

Cracks of light,

Know nothingness.

Past: Shattered.

Present: Whole.

Future: Weary.

Hands: Roll.

Darkness erodes,

Light replace.

Bright blur focus,

Reveals a face.

Lost in darkness,

Light reveal fate.

Image set upon,

Only too late.

Light erode,

Darkness replace.

Hands need switch.

Reality must face.

Light: Present.

Dark: Past.


At last.

Present: Dark.

Future: Light.

Know not now,

Endure such fight.

Ever change,

Light to dark.

Tense change,

Keeps us apart.

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One day they’ll see,

It was always me.

Always made the big mistake,

The one to cause it all to break.

You never did a damn thing wrong,

It was me, all along.

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I need to figure out what the fuck I’m doing with my life.

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I haven’t been on tumblr in almost a year. Pretty much since Sarah (the girl i made this blog for) and I broke up. But I think i may come back. I may just continue this blog as more of a generality, not so much for one person as it once was. Who knows.

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His Navy belt buckle! Gotta love it :D
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HMNZS PHILOMEL conduct a gun salute in reply to HMNZS OTAGO’s 11-gun salute on her arrival back in Auckland
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